Jobs and the Economy

We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.


Joel will work to ensure a strong business climate by promoting entrepreneurship, supporting excellent public education, efficient transportation systems, and sound fiscal management. He will fight for retirement security for all Marylanders.


Though the economy has made recent gains, the overwhelming level of benefits are going to the wealthiest few at the top of the income ladder, while wages are stagnating for a significant majority of Marylanders. For too many years, politicians have rigged the rules to make it easier for corporations to lay off workers, keep wages low, ship jobs overseas and give huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. Incomes for the wealthiest Americans are on the rise while wages for ordinary Americans have flatlined, leaving working families to live paycheck to paycheck.


Joel will work to make the economy grow for all Americans, not just corporate CEOs and the wealthy. Improving the incomes of ordinary Americans and rebuilding the middle class will be my first priority. Joel will also put special emphasis on taking care of the challenges for tipped workers, including calling for the elimination of a two-tiered wage system.


Regarding the living wage, Joel will work to go beyond raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and instead advocate for an $18 per hour living wage, which is an appropriate level for Maryland. Implementation should be phased in fully before the next election, in 2022.