Fighting for Environmental Sustainability

The environment should be protected both for our quality of life and for the sustainability of our planet.


As an elected Council Member in the Town of Chevy Chase, Joel is the Council liaison to the Environment and Climate Committee. Chevy Chase has made significant investments in solar energy and energy efficiency as part of its commitment to reducing the communities’ carbon footprint.


While some still deny the scientific facts about global climate change, Joel will work to ensure Maryland is a national model for strong environmental leadership. Joel has an expertise in clean, renewable energy and will fight the Trump Administration’s attempts to allow oil drilling off the Maryland coast. He will work to ensure Maryland is a national model for strong environmental leadership.


Throughout his nearly two professional career, Joel has been a champion of both protecting our environment and investing in renewable energy to address climate change. Joel worked on the ground in sustainable development as an Environmental Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, helping the rural village where he served to protect its ecology. Later, he managed a national solar energy program that also cleaned up brownfield sites while at the Department of Energy, in addition to having worked on climate change programs at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

For District 18, Joel will continue to be an outspoken advocate for creating a sustainable planet, just like he’s been for the past twenty years.  As a State Delegate, he will both fight against climate change and seek to preserve our environment by:

  1. Ending our dependence on fossil fuels and investing in both renewable energy technology and infrastructure in order to fully meet Maryland’s energy needs.

  2. Strictly enforcing environmental regulations that protect our air and water from industrial and agricultural pollution.

  3. Reducing greenhouse gases by passing strict carbon emissions standards that motivates other countries to do the same, and giving government agencies and the private sector the support they need to enforce them.

  4. Removing barriers and encouraging public interest enforcement of environmental laws by streamlining Maryland's Environmental Standing Act.

  5. Creating Inspectors General and Offices of People's Counsel for every state agency to help residents, towns, counties, nonprofit groups and small businesses secure compliance with the law when the Hogan and Trump Administrations won't.

  6. Seeking shaded park, walking and bike paths within five blocks of any urban or suburban residence or business, so children, seniors, employees, and wounded warriors at the National Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed, Johns Hopkins, and other hospitals and bases are served.

  7. Creating “green” public service jobs that restore the environment or increasing energy efficiency and renewables - at a living wage - to any willing worker in lieu of unemployment compensation; payment for the program would come through energy savings from efficient public buildings, fleets, and pollution taxes.


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