Issues - Joel Rubin for Delegate


We listened to your feedback and are running our campaign on three simple principles: Sustainability, Opportunity, and Security. Joel's issues reflect that. Click the links below to see where he stands and what he will do as your State Delegate. You can also weigh in on the issues that matter to you here in our Community Questionnaire.

Educational Excellence

Our public education system must provide a real opportunity for every student to succeed.

Joel is endorsed by the Montgomery County Education Association. He is a certified elementary education teacher, earning his certificate as an undergraduate at Brandeis University, and has three young daughters attending Montgomery County public schools.

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Fighting for Environmental Sustainability

The environment should be protected both for our quality of life and for the sustainability of our planet.

As an elected Council Member in the Town of Chevy Chase, Joel is the Council liaison to the Environment and Climate Committee. Chevy Chase has made significant investments in solar energy and energy efficiency as part of its commitment to reducing the communities’ carbon footprint.

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Promoting Transportation Quality

Our residents deserve a public transportation network that enables commuters to move quickly, safely, and affordably, and to do so while protecting the environment.

Transportation is a quality of life issue that affects every Marylander. However, Governor Hogan has long neglected our state’s transportation infrastructure, choosing now as a time – in an election year – to propose vast sums of new spending with hardly any community involvement or transportation expert planning behind it. His plan still needs to demonstrate that it is both financially feasible and makes sense for north-south commuters on I-270.

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Retirement Security

Financial commitments made to our retirees must be both protected and strengthened.

Retirement Security plays a critical role in the overall health of our economy. Joel lives with his mother-in-law, a retiree, and is fully committed to ensuring that she receives all the benefits that she has both earned and deserves. With the aging Baby Boom population, it’s critical that we work at the local, state and federal levels to expand access to affordable in-home care options. Joel will work to support family care-givers so we avoid forcing seniors into costly nursing home care.

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Defending Diversity

Bigotry must be opposed in all its forms and our leaders must create a culture of inclusiveness.

Joel comes from a family of immigrants and served in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. Nilmini’s parents emigrated from Sri Lanka to the U.S. Joel’s is a multi- cultural home, one rich with diversity of heritage and perspectives. He will fight for justice and equality for all Marylanders and stand up to attacks on our democracy. Our region is an example of how diversity strengthens community, improves quality of life, and contributes to a thriving economy. Joel believes we succeed not by tolerating difference, but by celebrating it.

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Preserving Women's Rights

Women must be treated equally, their rights must be protected, and they must have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions, period.

Joel is the proud father of three young daughters and married to a woman who’s a leader in her professional field. He wants his daughters to grow up in a state that recognizes equality as a human right and defends it as policy.

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Protecting Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right and should be guaranteed to all Marylanders regardless of wealth or income.

Joel supports a Maryland single-payer system and believes healthcare is a human right that should be guaranteed to all Marylanders regardless of wealth or income. He will fight for state backfill funding for a Medicaid expansion, to ensure that people do not lose their healthcare due to the repeal of the individual mandate at the national level.

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Preventing Gun Violence

Common-sense gun violence prevention measures are essential for our community.

Our country is long overdue for meaningful gun violence prevention legislation. We cannot allow our schools, universities, movie theaters, and neighborhoods to be shooting galleries for random acts of violence. As delegate, Joel will support common sense legislation that will protect all Marylanders.

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Jobs and the Economy

We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

As a small business owner in Maryland, Joel understands what it takes to compete in a dynamic economy. Like most small business owners, Joel pays attention to immediate issues related to revenues, expenses, taxes, and infrastructure. Additionally, as a father of three young daughters who attend the Montgomery County Public Schools and as an elected Council Member in the Town of Chevy Chase, Joel knows that we need to be continually looking over the horizon, to ensure that our community is both economically vibrant and competitive for our future generations.

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Strengthening Democracy

Our civic and political institutions are the bedrock of our society and we must do all we can to protect them from dangerous interference, both foreign and domestic.

Joel is a proponent of strengthening our local democracy. He supports policies like public financing of state elections and similar reforms that promote government transparency, shift power away from entrenched wealth, and encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds that better represent the people of Maryland.

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