We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

Jobs and the Economy

We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.



As a small business owner in Maryland, Joel understands what it takes to compete in a dynamic economy. Like most small business owners, Joel pays attention to immediate issues related to revenues, expenses, taxes, and infrastructure. Additionally, as a father of three young daughters who attend the Montgomery County Public Schools and as an elected Council Member in the Town of Chevy Chase, Joel knows that we need to be continually looking over the horizon, to ensure that our community is both economically vibrant and competitive for our future generations.


Joel is running for State Delegate because he sees our community at a crossroads, where economic development can benefit from an injection of creativity and dynamism. The federal sector has long been a reliable employer in District 18, but as it’s constantly put under duress by constrained federal budgets, it’s clearly not enough to sustain our economy. Joel studied business at Carnegie Mellon University and teaches there (in the DC office) as a Visiting Fellow. He believes that we need to unleash the vast human capital that our region both attracts from around the world and cultivates here in our schools.


For example, Joel believes we need to invest more aggressively in school construction, so that our children can learn in state of the art facilities. We also need to train our workforce more proactively in science, technology, and mathematics, so that workers can reinvent themselves through new skills acquisition. Finally, we need to facilitate access to both capital and to technology incubator facilities to encourage new entrepreneurs to locate here in Montgomery County.


In government, Joel has acted on multiple opportunities to support and grow the economy. As an elected Chevy Chase Town Council Member, Joel made key votes on budget issues to ensure that our town is both balancing its books properly and supporting local economic development. Joel engaged community leaders, County, State and Federal officials, and private companies to provide solutions that advance our community’s economic well-being and quality of life. At the federal level, Joel worked closely with the Des Moines, Iowa Chamber of Commerce on issues related to local business development when he worked for Senator Tom Harkin as an aide on commerce issues. At the State Department, Joel helped promote American female business entrepreneurship in the Middle East and managed programs supporting trade ties and economic reform in the Middle East. Lastly, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, Joel supported women entrepreneurial groups with business management and planning assistance, so that they could more effectively bring their products to market.


To achieve these objectives, we need leaders in Annapolis who have experience in getting results in a tough legislative environment. That is what Joel brings to the table. He has 20 years of experience at the local and national political levels, including serving as the Obama Administration’s senior official for the State Department’s Legislative Relations office within the House of Representatives. He also served in the U.S. Senate for two Senators as a senior advisor and as a leading non-profit advocate. In addition, Joel has deep media experience, which is a critical component for any legislator. He is frequently invited on networks such as MSNBC, CNN, and FOX to discuss current events. As Delegate, Joel will draw on his policy and media experience to promote a sustainable economic development in District 18, Montgomery County, and across the State of Maryland.