Joel Defends Progressive Policy on MSNBC and FOX - Joel Rubin for Delegate

Joel Defends Progressive Policy on MSNBC and FOX

May 08, 2018



Today Joel took to the airwaves to debate the U.S. pulling out of the Iran deal, which he helped shape as Director of Policy and Government Affairs for the Ploughshares Fund and defended as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs at the State Department under Secretary John Kerry.

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Later, Joel took his message to a very different audience, appearing on Fox Business to debate ex-Republican Congressman Allen West:


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Here in Montgomery County, we come from many backgrounds but live together as neighbors because our democracy gives everyone a voice. We live in peace because we are part of a community that respects differences while and promotes tolerance. 


Joel is proud of his work to promote peace. He has the experience to effectively organize and advocate on a tough policy issue, and to see it through to success. Joel will work with the activists, officials, and the media to get the job done. This is an applied skill set that he'll bring to Annapolis, one that will help him to be a strong advocate for all Marylanders. 


Joel is running because he's a fighter. District 18 needs fighters to support our schools, strengthen our economy, protect our environment, and advance our progressive values. As a Chevy Chase Council Member, Joel led the town's response to anti-Semitic flyers left at Jewish homes. In the Obama Administration, Joel fought for a more peaceful American foreign policy. Joel's running because Montgomery County is a great place to live and we need fighters to keep it that way.