Preventing Gun Violence

Common-sense gun violence prevention measures are essential for our community.


Our country is long overdue for meaningful gun violence prevention legislation. We cannot allow our schools, universities, movie theaters, and neighborhoods to be shooting galleries for random acts of violence. The NRA works hard every day to convince lawmakers that more guns are the answer and that fewer restrictions will make us safer, when we know the opposite is true. Every day more than 30 Americans are killed on average by gun violence, and firearms homicide is the second-leading cause of death for young people under 20 years old.


We know that 9 out of 10 Americans want universal background checks, and that background checks work, blocking nearly 2 million attempts to purchase firearms over the last 20 years, half of which were made by felons. Joel supports the decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals last February to uphold Maryland’s ban on military-style guns which Brian Frosh rightly called “weapons of war.” In Annapolis, Joel will stand up to the pro-gun lobby at every step and immediately push these common-sense gun violence prevention measures by:


  1. Passing common sense, comprehensive background check legislation that we know reduces gun trafficking and lethality in domestic violence.

  2. Strengthening state law to prohibit domestic abusers from buying a gun.

  3. Cracking down on straw purchasers who buy guns for people who would not pass a background check by making straw purchases a felony offense.

  4. Reinstating the ban on military-style assault weapons that have no place on our streets or in our neighborhoods.